Line Boring


IBM800 Line Boring Machine

Experience the power and precision of IBM800! With a boring diameter of 95-700mm and a stroke of 900mm, it tackles any project effortlessly. The adjustable feed rate and dual bar RPM options provide control and flexibility. Its compact design, compatible with single-phase power, makes it easy to transport. Unleash your creativity and conquer new depths with the IBM800. Elevate your machining game today!


  • Quick set adjustable clamping jaws
  • Swivel toolpost for grooves and bevels
  • Continuous groove geared facing and boring feeds

Technical Data

Boring Diameter: 95 – 700mm
Boring Stroke: 600mm, 900mm
Feed Rate: 0-0.5mm/rev
Bar RPM: 0-45
Hydraulic: 25HP(standard)
Facing Head (1): 120-450mm
Facing Head (2): 250-850mm
Mounting Kit: Double arm, Three arm, Center
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Lightweight construction, performance excellence

Rotational drive unit and feed unit can be fixed anywhere of the boring bar to achieve processing in narrow space. More portable, step less speed regulation range 0 to 0.5mm, easily achieve the forward and reverse exchange.

High-quality alloy structural steel, several times heat treatment, high strength, boring bar’s length can be up to 8 meters.

Double arms, three arms, four arms and center support can be selected.

Two kinds of power system: servo and hydraulic, torque of hydraulic power unit can reach to 1420N.M, this machine can achieve cuts to a maximum depth of 10mm.

  • Optional attachment of taper boring, to achieve processing of different taper holes 1:12 and 1:20.
  • Two sizes of facing head to achieve facing machining.