Line Boring


IBM300 Line Boring Machine

Experience the power and precision of IBM300! With a boring diameter of 55-300mm and a stroke of 280mm, it tackles any project effortlessly. The adjustable feed rate and dual bar RPM options provide control and flexibility. Its compact design, compatible with single-phase power, makes it easy to transport. Unleash your creativity and conquer new depths with the IBM300. Elevate your machining game today!


  • Integrated rotary drive unit and automatic feed unit.
  • Bore cutter measuring and diameter measuring ruler.

Technical Data

IBM300 Line Boring IBM300PLUS Line Boring
Boring Diameter: 55-300mm Boring Diameter: 40-300mm
Boring Stroke: 280mm Boring Stroke: 280mm
Feed Rate: 0-0.5mm/rev Feed Rate: 0-0.5mm/rev
Bar RPM: 0-49, 49-98 Bar RPM: 0-49, 49-98
Drive Power Unit: Single phase, 110V/230V, 50/60Hz, 1800W Drive Power Unit: Single phase, 110V/230V, 50/60Hz, 1800W
Boring Bar: ∅50×1828mm Boring Bar: ∅50×1828mm, ∅35×1200mm
Shipping Weight: 98kg Shipping Weight: 125kg
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Lightweight construction, performance excellence

Integrated rotation drive unit and auto feed unit together creatively, only 9.5KG, more portable, step less Speed regulation range 0 to 0.5mm, easily achieve the forward and reverse exchange.

Equipped with 3 legs mount kit, which can be adjusted to different angle, to meet different holes.

Equipped with bore cutter measuring tool and diameter measuring ruler.

  • Optional one smaller boring bar to achieve boring diameterØ38-300mm.
  • Optional facing head, to achieve face processing of pipe and flanges.
  • Optional bore welder used for integrated line boring and welding system.

This machine with powerful machining capacity which widely service for many fields, repairing holes in heavy construction equipment, such as cranes, excavators, bulldozers, tractors, back holes etc.